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✅ Targeted Group Members is a slow speed method; to solve this issue, we created 3 different servers for this service.

⌛ Start Time : 6-12 Hour

⚠️ If you change the link while you work, your order will be changed to a completed state, in which case we will not refund the cost.


Why should we buy targeted members?

If you are looking for a target customer for your business and you want to offer your products or services to a certain segment of society, the best choice for your business is to use buy Targeted Group Members services. Because these users can be the real customer of your business, and grow your business and telegram group. These users are actually working in your group.

How do targeted members join the channel?

With TelMembers’s and professional team, we have been able to design a system that invites real people of other groups to your group. You can introduce us to any group you want, then we invite the members of that group to your group.

Telegram Target Group Filters

In any field you can introduce the source group to us or if you do not have access to the source group, leave it to us. Then we invite the real members of that group to your group.

Buy Real Telegram Group Members (Telegram Group to Group Description)

To increase the members of the Telegram group, we can use the Targeted Group Members method of increasing the fake members of the Telegram group and increasing the real Targeted Group Members of the Telegram group.
In the method of add targeted members, we can only use this system for groups.

How do target users work?

We first invite our users to your group, then we invite the target group users to your group. In this method, because users are real and active, there is a possibility of user drop. This drop is about %10 to %50, the higher your management on the group and the more attractive and quality your content, the lower the user drop.

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