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Telegram Fake Members 50k

What are Fake Telegram Members 50k?
Fake members or virtual members are users who are unreal and they only increase the number of members of your Telegram channel and group.

These users do not visit your Telegram channel posts. In fact, these users do not exist at all and they only have fake name and profile.

We use algorithms to increase the number of members, which Telegram cannot detect.

Telegram Fake Members are created using virtual numbers. Keep in mind that this method is different from the “Telegram Real Members” method.

Currently, the best way to increase Telegram channel members is to use the fake members method. Because the drop in this method is less than other methods.

Why should we buy fake members 50k?

This service is popular among channels because they are less low drop than real members. low drop makes your channel more credible.

If you have just launched your Telegram channel or group, we suggest you buy fake members to increase the credibility of your channel.

Refund guarantee for buy fake members 50k

If we can not deliver it at the estimated delivery time (if it is more than three days), we guarantee a refund.

Fast delivery of your orders

We will start your orders as soon as you register. Your order will be prioritized and will start as soon as possible

How do fake members join the channel?

Fake Telegram Members are made by people and they have no activity in Telegram. Their account has only their name and profile picture.

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You do not need to register to pay. You can pay with your credit card through the safest and most secure payment systems in the world.

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We support customers around the clock. You can contact us at any time through our internal chat system, Telegram and our Email and WhatsApp addresses.


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